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I have always been interested in exercise, and used to love HIIT training, but kept picking up injuries. I started Pilates as a compliment to the high intensity workouts, but soon found that Pilates met all my needs. I can still get my heart rate up, work hard but know how to mobilise and warm up properly.

The phrase ‘lengthen what you strengthen’ became part of my daily sayings.

Pilates works you inside out – it works the little muscles we often overlook, helping to build a strong core. And helps keep joints mobile. Something we need to work on at all ages.

So I love what I do – I love teaching , helping people understand why we move in certain ways. And explaining why we do the exercises . I hope you will feel the difference.

The HG1 Pilates Experience includes full classes, the option to join in live via zoom, and shorter sessions if you are short on time.

Class schedule on zoom

Full Mat Class

Incorporating a full body warm up, targeted muscle work out, and stretch session, finishing with foam roll. 

Targeted Workouts

A shorter session focusing on different areas of the the lower and upper body, to target specific muscle groups.

Core Workouts

A shorter session to target the pelvic floor, deep core muscles (transverse abdominis), core (rectus abdominis) and obliques.

Warm up/Stretch

A shorter session to lengthen your muscles and enhance the mobilisation of your joints.

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HG1 Pilates Success Stories

ED London

Although a keen runner i’ve struggled with aspects of core strength, flexibility and hip mobility for a number of years. Having been slightly naive to the benefits of pilates, Julie’s online sessions have transformed the way I feel, look and improved my performance in other sports.

RC Harrogate

I have attended julies Pilates for the last 5 years. The classes are fun at the same time as challenging. The Pilates classes Julie does are brilliant and have made a positive change to my body.