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Julie Sullivan
I have been teaching classes in Harrogate for 6 years, and love the face to face teaching. But I also realise time is precious, so hope to share my love of Pilates with you if you can’t physically be here. I plan to share one live class a week with you, so you get the atmosphere of a class environment, and also provide shorter, more focused workouts which can slot into your time schedule and life. Not forgetting a stretch session to compliment the workouts.

Where our passion began

During these unprecedented times, I decided to start offering online Pilates classes to members in order to boost mental well-being as well as enhance physical fitness. I hope that you can join me and become part of the HG1 Pilates community.

Become a part of HG1 Pilates Community

Improve your posture

Pilates can help you become more flexible and help you tone your body.

Affordable for all

Search, browse and find your Pilates class starting only from £14.99 per month.

Improve your wellbeing

Pilates is a full body experience which concentrates on both your physical and mental health.

Friendly Community

Join my ever growing global community of Pilates enthusiasts and members to help you improve your relationship with Pilates.

Choose your own classes

Access my premium classes and programs starting from beginners to advanced levels.

Professional Guidance

Julie has an abundance of experience teaching Pilates and has built up a reputation to be proud of.

HG1 Pilates Experience

For a monthly subscription fee, you will have full access to Pilates exercises and classes, which you can do in the comfort of your own home as many times as you wish.

Full Mat Class

A full class incorporating a full body warm up, targeted muscle work out, and stretch session, finishing with form roll. 

Targeted Workouts

A shorter session targeting different areas of the the lower and upper body.

Core Workouts

A shorter session to target the pelvic floor, deep core muscles (transverse abdominis), core (rectus abdominis) and obliques.

Warm up/Stretch

A shorter session to lengthen your muscles and improve mobility.

Choose your Plan & Join HG1 Pilates